Friday, 13 February 2015

Brisbane Removals Made Easy

Many people in Brisbane complain about the tedious process of moving from their current house to a new one. The fact remains that if you do not prepare well for the moving day, you will most likely find it tough. But also, it is possible to have an easy moving day, with nothing to worry about. 

Here is a guide to make your day with your Brisbane removals easy and be sure of a successful one: 

Limit The Items

You should know that it will take time to make a single trip with the moving truck. This will also depend on the location of the new home. Prior to the removals day, you will need to try your best to have your item well packed and limited to the maximum. Suppose there are some items and other stuff that you might not be using, then it is advised to get rid of them. You may decide to donate, recycle or sell any item that is suitable. This normally counts when it comes to clothes and the furniture. To help you with the reduction of the load, you can try to utilize the extra spaces. For instance, you can arrange the utensils in the kitchen drawers and cupboards. Also, you can place the clothes in the wardrobes and the drawers, in order to limit the overall items. 

Dismantle In Advance 

Usually a number of items are assembled with several pieces, making them bulky. They also occupy a lot of space in the truck. For that, you can try to dismantle them earlier enough, before the removalists arrive. This will not only save you time, but it will also save you money. When you are dismantling, ensure that you are doing what you know. Basically, do no dismantle something that would be difficult to assemble again. Make sure that you have kept the bolts and screws in a bag that is secure enough. The bag must then be stored well, in order to avoid any inconveniences. If you have wall units, remove the shelves that have not been fixed. This will help to avoid the shelves from breaking or distortion of any sort. For the electronics, ensure that you have disconnected all the cable connection, for the sake of keeping them from cutting. For the washing machine, remove the hose and place them inside the bowl.

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The Packing Materials 

Boxes are the most recommended supplies for packing your stuff when you are planning to move. Here are some tips when working with the boxes to move;

  • Mark all the boxes. It is recommended that you mark every box where the tape is running. That is, when you are sealing the box with a tape, you will name on the tape. This is to allow you to use the box later. Marking directly on the box might restrict you to use it for the particular item only. Also, when you mark the boxes, you would be saving on the time.
  • Choose the right boxes for moving. There are specific boxes that have been dedicated to moving. These boxes are designed to be tough enough and to make it easy to lift them up. 

Avoid packing liquid stuff in the boxes, which might spill and interfere with everything. 

Packing Your Goods

Always try all you can, to pack whatever you can, prior to contacting the removalist. When you pack most of the property by yourself, you will not just be saving on the time but money as well. There are some tiny items that can be packed easily. If you have a family, you can deploy the members to pack the items, in order to reduce the time that would be taken by the removalists to pack the items. 

Things To Leave For The Removalists

As you are packing, there are some things that are advised to always leave for the removalist to take care of. Some of them include the following;

  • Pianos
  • LGP Gas
  • Pool Tables
  • Spas or Mable
  • Paints and Thinners
  • BBQ cylinders

In general, you must ensure that you arrange your items in advance and try your best to reduce the overall load on the moving day. This will help to save time that would be used by the removalist to pack the items. Also, it will limit the number of trips that would be taken by the moving truck.

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